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#LOD-ROADTRAN18 aims to create an open data portal with traffic information addressable and searchable as linked data and so harvestable by national and European catalogues, with the use cases Spain and Czech Republic.
DESIDEDATUM and UPV will enrich the data derived from SRTI (Safety-related minimum universal traffic information): “a) -temporary slippery road; b) animal, people, obstacles, debris on the road; c) unprotected accident area; d) short-term road works; e) reduced visibility; f) wrong-way driver; g) unmanaged blockage of a road; h) exceptional weather conditions.”

Two typologies, common to all countries, will be collected:

  • Environmental: climate, pollution, orography.
  • Social: working calendar and long holiday periods (e.g. crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar; and historical series to identify the peaks of agglomeration) and of leisure, sales, sporting events, etc., capacity of the sites.

Next appointment, March 22nd

Aligned with the project! http://cef.uv.es/lodroadtran18/index.php/en/

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