Coordinator of DATAUSE project (UPV-UV-CSIC)

Full Professor at the Information Science studies at the Technical University of Valencia (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)-Department of Audiovisual Communication, Information science and Art History

She has been teaching the last 20 years as Tenured Professor at the Information Science studies at the Technical University of Valencia (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia), now is Full Professor since 2020. Ph.D. at Universidad de Murcia, 2002. Maria Fernanda Peset Mancebo professionally comes from the world of libraries, working as civil servant there until 1999 at University of Valencia. Until 2018 she was the coordinator of the PhD Programme in Communication and Cultural Industries. One of her research undertakes the implementation of digital libraries, being part of the Executive Board of E-LIS Eprints in Library and Information Science and Principal Investigator/coordinator of DATASEA/DATAUSE (2013-24).

Her most recent publications comes from their experience in research and teaching: metadata, opendata, linkedopendata, digital libraries, semantic web, open access, research data, bibliometry, evaluating science, RRSS analysis, data analysis, covid… She works also in other projects, ODiSEA, IRALIS; other groups as journals EPI or Thinkepi and is partner of Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition, Cátedra de transparencia y gestión de datos ( and  the thematic network on open research data MAREDATA ( Belongs to Scientific committes of several Conferences (ISSI), national evaluating agencies (ANECA-ANEP)… Other projects are related to the implementation of blockchain technology and initiatives to promote a fairer economy,

Now, she is coordinating the research project DATAUSE, data and agriculture (2020-2024). PID2019-105708RB-C21 R&D national funded projects «Research Challenges» (MICINN/FONDOS FEDER). She belongs to the MADphy, multidisciplinary research group at Instituto de matemática pura y aplicada-UPV. International consultant at FAO since 2014

Now in this new project, OpenFutureLab

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ORCID 0000-0003-3706-6532