10:00 - 11:30

A good opportunity to share our results and discuss progress with other partners. From now on, we will also have a weekly meeting.
Thanks to all of you!



10:00 Project Management

Status Report and next steps – Javier Samper (UVEG)
Milestones and means of verification as per the G.A.– Jose Rocha (LMT)

10:10 Administrative and Financial Aspects

Cristina Roda (UVEG)
10:20 Dissemination of the Action
Nicolás D’Opazo (UVEG)
10:40 Technical Overview

Implementation in Spain – Julian Gutierrez (UVEG)
Implementation in Czech Republic – Petr Bureš & Jan Vlčinský (TTR)
Implementation by UPV and Desidedatum – Fernanda Peset (UPV) & Marc Aitor
Borrás (DesideDatum)
11:20 Questions & Answers

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