After the Easter holidays, the core team of activity 9 met, @DESIDEDATUM and @UPV: @anfersa @jmcalabu @EnriqueAlfonsSP @fernandapeset. We have pooled the data found so far on weather, pollution, events that affect traffic and the way a driver reacts to any incident.
We have unified criteria to select data from the Europa Open data portal https://data.europa.eu/en and the European data portal https://www.europeandataportal.eu/ wich harvests the data from the european data portals, which are about to be merged in the 1st URL. Data on weather and calendars that may exist in all countries.
This is getting more and more interesting, working towards reliable and standardised data so that any country can implement the protocol that will emerge from the #LOD-ROADTRAN18 @IRTIC_UV project.

We will keep you posted … Next meeting in May.

Aligned with the project! http://cef.uv.es/lodroadtran18/index.php/en/

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