10:30 - 14:00

Today we have reached the finish line!

This morning the team leader of Desidedatum and the UPV had the final meeting to introduce the improvements in the TR of Activity 9 of the #LOD-RoadTran18 project.

After almost four years of intense work we have nothing left to make public our deliverables, as:
I. Data reuse assessment, including query set, requirements model, source study, usability test and recommendations, as well as a case study.
II. Usage monitoring framework, including: review of impact indicators, a log mining scorecard, and definition of responsibilities for maintaining monitoring.
III. Guidelines for other NAPs with the case of the Spanish DGT.

It was a pleasure to work with all of you, #LOD-RoadTran18 Team!  @lmtgroup_eu, @IRTIC_UV, @DatauseDatasea, @JanVLC, @desideDatum and Madphy group @iumpa_upv

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