Project Member
Completed her master’s degree in Mathematics Engineering at Yıldız Technical University (Istanbul) and received her PhD in theoretical mathematics at the same university in 2018. She has been working in Department of Mathematics at Marmara University (Istanbul) since 2012.

Her main subject of study is functional analysis, in which she publishes articles in journals that are effective in the field.  For years, she has collaborated with professors from other universities, especially the interdisciplinary research group MADphy at the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics-UPV. One of the researchers is the co-advisor of her thesis and she is a member of this research group as well. Her education as a researcher in pure mathematics allows him to collaborate in the most theoretical part of multidisciplinary activities, such as models for the creation of control indexes in economics and information science, and Big Data.

ORCID: 0000-0002-0641-1930

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